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Bookish Bucket List

Day 15! Only 10 more days left! I’m probably not going to do a Blogmas again but who knows, I definitely couldn’t have done this if I wasn’t on Furlough. 

Anyway! Another day, another blog post. Today I wanted to do a book bucket list, places I want to go or things I want to achieve. I’m going to do a list of 7 and talk about them while we go. 

Finish my Goodread TBR

There are currently 555 books on my Goodread TBR and of course I’m adding almost daily but I would love to one day reach the end of that list. I know this would be almost impossible but then if I read 50 books a year it would take me only 11 years to finish the list… That sounded better in my head. 

I do, like every reader, have a physical TBR though I do plan to unhaul a lot of the books as I know I’m never going to read them so that’ll leave a lot of room for more books. Books from my Goodread TBR. Though really this is every reader’s pipe dream. 

I would love to visit the town of Hay on Wye.

Hay on Wye is a town in Wales with 20 bookshops and even has an outdoor library, it’s perfect for me. Last year I got to go to Wigtown, the Scotish booktown, and I would really love to spend a day or too experience Hay on Wye too. What makes the town so special is every single bookshop is independent and Kindles are ‘banned’. I just love this idea so much and I know it’s my dream town. 

Go to a bookish event.

So when I was a young kid I went to a book signing with Darren Shan but as an adult I would really love to go to some more, book signing as well as literary book festivals. I took part in some Durham Book festival events this year but that of course wasn’t the same so next year if it’s able to go forward I would love to go. Also other events like the Wigtown Book festival or Essex book festival. There’s also so many other amazing ones out there. 

Go to Shakespeare and co in Paris.

I mean this is a pretty famous bookshop so I can imagine this is on every single bookish person’s bucket list. But if you don’t know Shakespeare and co is a bookshop and cafe in Paris, France. It was opened in 1951 and was designed as a bookshop that was also a get away for writers. It’s also a library as well as being a place for you to stay in exchange for working in the shift and writing a diary while you’re there. The one issue is you can’t book, you just turn up and ask for a place.

Collect every Horrible History book.

… Does this need much more explanation? 

Interview more Authors.

So I had the chance to interview Darren Shan a couple of years ago and I loved it, it was so much fun to just ask an author I love some questions. So I would love to do that again, someone like Rainbow Rowell or Lemony Snicket. That really would be my dream.

Open my own bookshop. 

This is my one dream, my one thing that keeps me going especially though this year. I want to open my own bookshop in Durham, my local city. I have it all planned out, I spend hours at night thinking about it. I know this is what I want and It’s part of my 5 year plan. Stick around and follow along with me. 

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