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Bookish gift for that bookish person in your life!

Blogmas day 6! Wow, blog fatigue is real. But I shall push through! Today we’re going to look at bookish gifts you can get bookish friends without having to worry about what sort of books they’re into. It’s a failsafe! I did do a blog post like this last year that you can check out here for more ideas. Also all the items I’ve linked to are on Etsy because now more than ever we need to support independent sellers. 


I love tea and coffee, and I know most book lovers do so this is such a good idea. Etsy has such a huge variety of teas for all sorts of books such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It’s such a good idea! 

Bookish clothing!

There are so many options out there and it doesn’t just have to be a T-shirt. Etsy has options like dresses, skirts, jumpers, pants. You name it and you can get it. And you don’t even have to know what kind of books they’re into, there’s a lot of generic items!

Wax melts!

So last year I wrote about candles but maybe candles aren’t your thing? Maybe they’re more of a wax melt kind of person. Well this is perfect for them! There’re so many different options for you to pick from, Harry Potter or Hunger Games themed ones, and they’re all beautiful to look at. The smells are all so spot on to the name too! 

Blind book bundles!

This is such a good idea that I just love so much, it’s an idea I actually want to introduce when I open my own shop. The idea is that you pick a book purely through a couple of key words, normally the genre and the key themes. It’s such a good idea and takes the pressure away from you just having to guess what book they may like. 

Book mystery boxes!

This is a lot like the blind book thing but a little extra. Normally with a mystery box you’ll get an accessory like a bookmark as well as a tea or hot chocolate and a snack. It’s such a good idea and I know I would love it. 


This is a pretty obvious one and there’s so many beautiful ones on Etsy, a couple I’ve even bookmarked myself for pay day. And loads of them can be personalised! 

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