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Bookshelf and room tour (2019)

Hi! So I felt a really good way that we could get to know each other is a good old fashioned bookshelf and room tour! I love reading these because they’re personal and help you get a feel for the reader. So shall we start? This is my Bookshelf and room tour. (2019)

So this is an image of my room. It’s a small space but I’ve filled it with as much stuff as I possibly can. I have my desk up against the window, this is where I write all my blog posts and do any web design work I have. I also have a second desk next to it where my sewing machine lives.

Book shelf while arguing.

I thought I would change around my books around and dust my bookshelf before doing this… that turned out to be a bigger task then I thought but it’s always very satisfying.

I’ve had this book case for around three years now, coming from the UK store Argos. It’s awful quality but has done me well so fare, hasn’t fallen apart yet!

sewing machine

And this is the rest of my room. Also my dog because Mylo is a very good boy and deserves a shout out.

I’m not an amazing sewer but It’s a big hobby of mine and very relaxing. The painting on my wall is Harry Potter inspired and I got is from Scotland. It’s one of my favourit things in my room.

Now back to my books case! I own 185 books, 50 of them are TBR and 135 have been read. I got most of my books from second hand sales, charity shops and have bought most of them myself. People hardly ever buy me books because I never really know what I want till I see it.

What’s your favourit thing that isn’t a book on your bookshelf?

So I didn’t want this to be something like a photo or something that was to do with someone I had lost, something obvious. So I went with a chopstick stand that looked like a paper crane. This was something I got from Chinatown in LA when I was there visiting my brother. I love that little thing, so many good memories!

What’s your favourit book cover?

This was a kind of hard one because as bad as it sounds I don’t really relate to book covers very much. I mean I like how they look but it’s never my main interest.

But ‘The melancholy death of Oyster Boy’ by Tim Burton does have a beautiful cover. I love how it’s totally black and the illustration is well done. It’s a good book too! I would really recommend it.

What’s the most special book on your book shelf?

I’m currently reading this book so it’s not actually on my bookshelf but yet I wanted to include it.

‘Hamilton, the revolution’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter is the partner book for the musical Hamilton. The musical is something that’s changed my life so it only makes sense that the book holds a special place in my heart. It’s also the most expensive book I own.

Any signed books?

Most of my Darren Shan books are signed. I got the chance to meet the man in 2011 and I had all my books signed. This is Ocean of blood, I love the message inside.

What’s your favourit book?

This is my favourit book and the reason this blog is a thing. ‘The diary of a bookseller’ by Shaun Bythell is very funny and very good at showing you the importance of supporting your local second hand book shops. I’m also excited because I’m going to the shop later in the year! Hopefully to meet Shaun himself.

What was the last book you bought?

Matilda! I’m a huge children book fan including picture books and classics like Roald Dahl books. I’m currently trying to read all his children books and I picked this one up at a charity shop the other day for 50p. Bargain!

What was the last book you read?

This was a reread for me. After doing my interview with Darren Shan I felt like I HAD to read one of his books and ‘Lord Loss’ ended up winning because I just love the uncle character so much!

Well that’s is and I feel like we all know each other a little more now! But if you want to get to know me more why not subscribe to my news letter *wink wink nudge nudge* I send out Monthly newsletters to make sure you never miss any of my posts as well as exclusive behind the scene stuff. You can do this on the right below my profile.

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Until next week!