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Bookshop day 2020!

So today is bookshop day and I knew I just had to do something to commemorate the day. So I want to talk about what bookshop day and Books Are My Bag is as well as some really interesting bookshops in the UK and shops you can still order from even now. 

Books Are My Bag is a nationwide campaign created by the Booksellers Association in 2013 and involves Bookshop Day and the Books Are My Bag Readers Awards. At the heart of the campaign is the BAMB bags, over a million of them being sold since the beginning of the campaign, worn to show the support for bookshops. 

Every year over a thousand bookshops around the country take part in Bookshop Day by holding special events, creating bespoke window displays and more. The BAMB Readers Awards are the only awards curated by bookshops and voted for by booklovers.

So at the beginning of lockdown I did a post about how you can help bookstores and today I want to talk about some really interesting bookshops and bookshops that are currently delivering. 

Word on water 

So this is where I get my books from and I think they most definitely need mentioning. Word on Water is a bookshop inside of a barge based in London, an amazing place with amazing people inside. They offer delivery on all their books as well as a monthly subscription box. They’re also currently open if you wanted to go explore in person. 

Mr B

Mr B was opened in 2006 and has twice been named the UK’s best independent bookshop. They’re based in Bath and take great pride in their customer service, saying: ‘That’s partly about being able to order most in-print titles the next day or being like a dog-with-a-bone when tracking down for you that childhood book that you remember was blue and had a windmill on the cover. It’s more than that though. It’s running a shop that feels likes it’s yours as well as ours. It’s about instinctively knowing what books our regular customers will enjoy. It’s about offering a memorable (if sometimes eccentric) experience to all visitors and about sharing and spreading our joyous book obsession with each of you.’ 

Mr B offers delivery of all their books as well as a selection of surprise reads and something called a reading spa. ‘With a Mr B’s Reading Spa you are invited to our gorgeous shop in Bath for a unique bookish pampering gift in one of our sumptuous bibliotherapy rooms. One of our team of booksellers will learn all about your favourite reads by having an informal chat with you over coffee or tea and some delicious cake, before introducing you to a tower of books especially selected to suit your tastes. The Reading Spa includes £55 to spend on your favourite recommendations, a Mr B’s mug and cloth bag and a £5 gift card for your next visit.’

Golden Hare Books

Based in Edinburgh, Golden Hare Books was established in 2012 and prides itself on book design. The shop is designed with so much thought and dedication, everything beautiful and made to serve a purpose and this really shows. Like the other shops on this list they also do home delivery, the store really easy to use and with a large selection. 

Mostly Books

This one I just had to mention all thanks to their bookseller Lyndsey who rode her bike 31km to do deliveries around Abingdon. Their online shop is really easy to use and definitely one to check out while you do your online shopping. 

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Find your local independent bookshop here and check out Abebooks here or Hive to find ones that deliver, shops need your support now more than ever.