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How to get into reading.

So since I was around 12 I’ve loved books but it didn’t start like this, for a really long time I couldn’t stand reading. I was a very slow learner so the idea of having to read a book for school really didn’t sound fun to me. Then in 2009 Vampire’s assistant the movie came out and later that year I found the first three books of the Darren Shan Saga in a second hand bookshop in Blackpool. I read these books in a couple of days and soon moved on to the rest of the books in the saga and later the rest of the books Shan has wrote. (I did an interview with him too if you want to check that out *wink wink nudge nudge*) 

Because I wasn’t a huge book lover I do understand people who say they don’t like reading but I think it’s strange when people don’t even try, I mean It scared me to think where I would be right now if not for the books I love so much, (probably richer but let’s not think about that) I’m even in the process of setting up a business based on books! But today I thought I would talk about some tips to get interested in books, maybe for you or for someone you know who you want to try and convince to read. 

Find something you’re interested

The most important thing is to find something you’re interested in and look for books about that. For example, if you love fantasy movies maybe check out a fantasy book. Also it’s a good idea to even just take a movie or show you like that’s based on a book and read the book for that. If you like the Harry Potter movie try checking out the books or the DCI banks books are pretty good too! 

Start reading in small chunks

Tip two is to start reading in small chunks, taking 10 minutes out of your day maybe before bed and then 20 and then 30. The hardest part of reading a book is always starting a new book and becoming involved in the characters so taking your time can sometimes help, reading a book is not a race. 

Never be worried about not finishing a book

Tip three! Never be worried about not finishing a book. This is something I need to remember myself as I really struggle to put a book down no matter how much I’m not enjoying it but this is an easy way to make you hate reading or put you in a reading rutt. So if you read a book and find you’re not enjoying it then you need to stop and step away, that’s ok. 

I do understand why people say they don’t like reading, I didn’t, but I think people sometimes don’t try hard enough to become interested.You just need to find the right book for you and make sure you take time to read. There’s so many amazing books out there with millions of topics that are for many different reading levels. You can make it work. 

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