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How to get out of a reading slump.

So I’ve been having a huge reading slump lately, really struggling to get out from under the rain cloud and start seeing the rainbow again. So I thought the best way to get out of this slump was to look up some tips and maybe by writing this I can help some of you guys out too!

Start Small

I think this is a really good tip and it’s something I can imagine would help me a lot. I do get intimidated by larger books and it often puts me off reading if that’s all I feel like I have available to me. So reading a short story or maybe even a book of poems is a chance for you to absorb something small and take your time to enjoy it.

Revisit the stories you love

I sometimes struggle with this, revisiting stories is a huge trigger for my anxiety, but I still think this is something worth looking into. Read a book that you love, something that caught your imagination and once made you fall in love with reading. Maybe it’ll make you fall in love all over again. 

Be a quitter 

This is another thing that I need to work on, I always feel like I need to push through with a book if I’m not enjoying but this is dangerous. This is the kind of thing that can make you not want to read and can force you into a slump. It’s ok to just put a book down and walk away from it, no one is going to take away book points from you!

Stop replacing your reading time with binge-watching time.

God this is just a confessions tag right here, another thing I’m guilty of is getting distracted by other things like Netflix or Youtube. As Sarah Mecham from the BookCave says 

“…television won’t leave you as fulfilled as reading, and there’s always the groggy, unproductive feeling after a long day of binge-watching that never makes you feel great.”

So maybe when you’re unwinding by watching an episode of FRIENDS for the 30th time you could be reading a couple of pages.

Join a book club

And this doesn’t just have to be a book club, even just finding someone to do a buddy read with. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can make a huge difference and keep you motivated.

 Reorganize your bookshelves

This is a HUGE guilty pleasure of mine! I love spending a couple of hours reorganising my bookshelf, moving things around and dusting the shelves. This way you can rediscover old love and become excited again about reading. I want to do this again right now!

Wait it out

I think this one is pretty obvious but you should keep this in mind. It’s ok to not want to read sometimes, no one will force you. Maybe you just need a small break to relax and then some back. 

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