I just read Seven kinds of people you find in bookshops by Shaun Bythell and…

As with every Shaun Bythell book I really enjoyed this one. It’s a lot shorter than his other books at only 144 pages and the format is different from his others, the others being written as a diary whereas this one is more just lists. But before we get into this, what’s it about?

A wickedly witty field guide to bookstore customers from the Person Who Doesn’t Know What They Want (But Thinks It Might Have a Blue Cover) to the harried Parents Secretly After Free Childcare. It does take all kinds. If you visit bookshops more often than the grocery store, you’ll recognize the types. There’s the Expert (with subspecies from the Bore to the Helpful Person), the Young Family (ranging from the Exhausted to the Aspirational), Occultists (from Conspiracy Theorist to Craft Woman). Then there’s the Loiterer (including the Erotica Browser and the Self-Published Author), the Bearded Pensioner (including the Lyrca Clad), the The Not-So-Silent Traveller (the Whistler, Sniffer, Hummer, Farter, and Tutter), and the Family Historian (generally Americans who come to Shaun’s shop in Wigtown, Scotland). Two bonus sections include Staff and, finally, Perfect Customer — all from Shaun Bythell (author of Confessions of a Bookseller), the funniest sell-and-tell observer in the house of books. This is the perfect read for anyone who ever felt a bookstore was home. You’ve been spotted! Or have you? 

I’ve spoken about Bythell and Wigtown quite often, it’s a place that holds such a special place in my heart, so when he mentioned that he was bringing out a new book I got really excited. And I really wasn’t disappointed! I had read a couple of reviews saying this book is mean and sarcastic but the truth is I like that humour, I’ve always had a dry sense of humour and so this feeds into that wonderfully. 

It was really well written as always and with it being a shorter read it’s a nice little break from the more series reads. And even if you don’t want to read any of the other books Bythell had written this is a really easy one to get into, it’s just a nice little read! 

I know this was a bit of a shorter blog post but I honestly just wanted to bring light to a really funny good, to suggest an easy book to you guys. 

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