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I just read Zom-B by Darren Shan and…

Before I fully get into the review I need to give a really big disclosure, this book deals with a lot of deep shit. That includes racism, Islamophobia, Xenophobia and more, both verbal and physical. So if this is something you’re not comfortable with please don’t read this book.

I really liked this book but I love Darren Shan anyway (I did an interview with him here, maybe go check it out. *nudge, wink, nudge.*) so I was bound to love this book. But first! What’s it about? 

B Smith has always had to deal with a racist father and nightmares of killer babies.  But life is about to get a whole lot worse.  Welcome to B’s dark and twisted world.

As I said I really loved this book. I love the journey B goes on and was so much more interested in them trying to justify the racism that they see from their father and that they find themselves involved in than the zombies themselves. I really love character growth and think if it’s done well then it’s so amazing. 

This book is super short, 217 and the rest of the books are short too, so this book was a lot of just world building. You meet characters that I know will come into play later in the series but were kind of left at a bad end but I don’t think this is a bad thing. It was written in such a way where this didn’t feel like an issue. 

There were a couple of small things I didn’t like though, this first being the zombies themselves. I know something more interesting is going to happen with them as the series goes on, there was a lot of set up for that, but for this first book I found myself not wanting to deal with the zombies. I would much rather know more about B’s life. 

I also didn’t like the ‘twist’ at the end. It just felt a little pointless, like throwing it in there just to have something at the end. I really disliked this and I think there was really no need for it. 

I do really recommend this book but then I recommend anything Shan writes. I think it’s interesting to see such a political and current issue raised by an author that doesn’t normally write about this sort of thing. It was handled well but obviously remember this is a book about zombies and that’s the focus. 

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