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Lets judge a book by it’s cover.

Lets judge a book by it’s cover! I’m a huge sucker for book covers and though I’m not a snob there’s a few things I will stay away from like movie book covers. I do often feel like book covers are a work of art, no matter what people say we do judge a book by it’s cover often. So today I thought we would go through and look at different covers for some of my fav books.

To Kill A Mockingbird.

First I wanted to talk about To Kill A Mockingbird, a classic. It’s a book I read not too long ago and loved. I read the mat black cover and I love how simple it is but below I’ve added some of the nicer covers. I think anniversary covers are always beautiful but they’re made to look pretty. I love the black silhouette and the reference to the characters. I also like the use of visual texture in the orange cover. 


Paranormalcy was a book I picked up while on holiday and even though I didn’t think I would I adored the books. The cover I got was the one on the far right and though I loved the book I hate that cover, it’s got that stereotypical YA cover and it’s awful. The middle one is by far my fav, It’s beautifully drawn and has some references to the book itself. The one on the left is a lot better than the one I read even though it had the YA cover again. It just looks a lot better. 

Harry Potter.

I guess Harry Potter is another really good comparison for this, with 120 million copies sold worldwide in 75 languages there’s going to be a lot of different covers. I read the original cover though I would love the Slytherin house covers. The cover on the left I think it super interesting and a strange choice. When I think of the Harry Potter covers they’re always colourful drawings so to see something realistic is strange. The other two are very similar but are both very beautiful, well drawn and very colourful. 


Matilda is an amazing book and much like To Kill A Mockingbird it’s a classic so there’s been many covers over the years. I love the 30th anniversary covers, a collection of covers all based around what Matilda went on to do when she got older. It was so interesting to look at and even know I don’t normally like owning a more than one of the same book, I still think it would be nice to have them all. The one on the right was based off the musical and I think it’s very beautiful. The middle one is a little strange, we’re so used to seeing Quentin Blake’s drawings that seeing a different artists on a Roald Dahl book is strange. 

Three Things You Need To Know About Rockets.

Three Things You Need To Know About Rockets is one of my favourite books from this year and it had some really beautiful book covers. The cover I read is the one in the middle and I fell in love with that cover and the artist, I think it’s so beautiful and fits perfectly with the story in the book and the soft feeling of it. The other two are really well put together too and look stunning but I don’t think it fits with the feel and the story. 

Cirque Du Freak.

Finally I want to look at Darran Shan and Cirque du Freak. This is a book series I love and isn’t as well known as some of the others I’ve talked about. I have owned a couple of copies of this book over the years, first starting with the movie cover. I’ve also had both the cover on the left and the one in the middle. I prefer the one on the right, I love the drawing and think it’s beautiful. The one on the right is one I’ve never seen before but I do love it, it’s so interesting! 

I think it’s important to always pick a book for its story but we look at the front cover first and so they need to be interesting and to sell the book. I think it’s important to take your time and truly consider a front cover. 

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