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Me. You by Dawn French

When I go on holiday, my biggest concern is always if I have the right book with me. If I can’t get into a book right away then I quickly get bored so normally I try and take a book that I’ve already started but this time things weren’t that simple. I’ve been in a reading slump lately so I wasn’t in the middle of a book but I knew I would need one while I was on holiday. So I just picked a book off my shelf and hoped for the best. 

I picked Me. You by Dawn French. She’s such a funny woman and when I first bought this I expected it to her autobiography but actually it’s somewhere between a self help book and something to just be laughed at, promoting self love and a healthy life. 

The book is set in 4 quarters named after the seasons and each quarter is split into months, this is done because the book can be read as the year goes through or can be read all at once but it also has a deeper meaning. In the book French says

“Our lives are really seasons too, in a bigger sense. Our lifespan chimes with them. Sprint is the first 25 years, summer is 25 to 50 years, autumn is 50 to 75 years and winter is 75 to… well … the end, the forever end.” 

I do like this format but I feel like it’s difficult to read sometimes, she often makes reference to you in the past… for me it was me 2 hours ago. I mean I do understand why it’s written like this, self help books are often read when they’re needed, but they said you could read it all at once. But then this is such a small thing to pick at that it’s not a real issue. 

There’s also lots of activities throughout the book, encouraging you to look at yourself in a more positive light and see the positive in things around you.

I’m not normally a huge fan of self help books but this really wasn’t like that, I did feel like I got something out of it but not that I’ve been told how to live my life. She talks through her life and stories that relate to the things she’s telling you, helping you feel a connection to French. It often feels like she’s helping you through things. 

I feel like this book has come at a really good time in my life honestly, I’m struggling with my own mental health right now and reading this felt like a hug. Reassuring me that it’s ok to feel this way and sometimes you shouldn’t feel ashamed to ask for help. 

I really recommend this book no matter where you are in your life, I feel like this will speak to a lot of people and really help anyone. I laughed, I cried (though I cry at everything). 

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