About me Blogmas 2020

My year to come!

Welcome to day 25 of blogmas! As always the post from yesterday is linked at the bottom of the page and you can search Blogmas 2020 on my blog and you’ll get the whole list of posts. 

The final day of blogmas!!!!! Thank fuck for that. I’m never doing this shit again, this is all I’ve done all month!

Today I’m writing about what I want for the next year. Yesterday I wrote about what this year has been like and I knew I wanted to set myself some targets this year, I think it’s always important to have an aim. Soooo… lets goo!


So I wanted to get this one out the way, I know it’s going to sound so self centered but this is important to me. I want to make it to 100 followers on Instagram. I’m currently at 671 so I have a little way left to go but I know if I keep working at it I’ll reach my goal!


Hopefully 2021 is going to be a lot better than 2020 and the country will open up again, allowing us to travel. I would love to go around more bookshops, seeing a bit more of what’s out there. Especially heading to Wales. 

My bookshop. 

I really want to start working on my own bookshop though I’m not sure this may not be something I can do. Obviously I’m going to need a bank loan for this but the truth is we’re heading into a credit crunch and no bank will touch a new independent bookshop. But I know I want to work on this, maybe just even getting a business plan in place! 

Reading goal. 

This year I managed to read 47 books so I’m going to be adventurous and put my Goodread challenge up to 50, I really think I can do this! I would be so proud of myself! I also want to read a lot more classics as well as collecting the rest of the Merlin books… I know this is a weird mix of goals but then I’m a weird person! 

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