About me

Phone tour 2020!

So I thought I would do something a little different today and show you though my phone. My phone means so much to me and I spend most of my waking time using it so I thought this would be a cool thing to do. Cool or boring… lets see!

My phone

My phone is an iPhone XS and I’ve had it about a year now. It has a wooden phone back on it with a carving of an octopus fighting a diver, it’s pretty cool. I got it in LA when I was there. I also have a Kraków Hard Rock cafe lanyard on it.

Lock screen/Home screen

The background of my lock screen Is a very cute photo of Mylo, my dog. The homescreen is a Snily fan art by lifeofapottedplant. I change these pretty often.

My gallery

This is the first page of my gallery. Shifts from work, some blog stuff, some art that I found online and really really love.

My Social media

So this is the social media I use the most. Most of them are to do with this blog and book stuff but Youtube and Tumblr is all personal use, as you can probably tell. These are probably the apps I use the most, I’m always scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

Current internet tabs

So this is the tabs currently open my phone. Omegle is a website a use all the time (I’m using it right now actually) so that’s almost constantly open. The second one is a blog post I found to get advice on changing my blog post. The 3rd one if a fanfic I didn’t manage to get all the way through, 99% of the time I always have a fic open and 50% of the time I don’t manage to get through it. And the final one is another fic, I’m currently obsessed with chapter 2 fics and so that’s a constant.

Other apps I use a lot

I use Spotify on an almost daily basis, this is my main music app. I also use an app called Zombies, run for my exercise but stupid WordPress won’t let me upload it.

So that’s my phone, my whole world is on there and I wanted you to see into that world.

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