Save Our Libraries!

Going to the library was my first introduction to reading. I used to spend hours there, I’m pretty sure the librarians used to shudder when they saw me coming because I always had a list of books I needed ordering in, as well as a good relationship I had with my school library. I loved this time because I had everything I could ever want in this small space. I want talk about the amazing things you can do at a library and why it’s so important to support this little part of your community. Save Our Libraries!

I feel like when you mention Libraries people think about stuffy rooms where mean librarians hiss at you to stay quiet but things aren’t quite like that anymore. Libraries are used for a lot of things and help so many people in so many different ways. They allow people who may not be able to afford it access to computers and books as well as courses such as CV workshops and IT help. The staff are very knowledgeable too and are always willing to help you find books and offer recommendations.  

On top of all this they also sometimes offer books for sale. They may not be in the best condition, often stamped with the name of the library, but personally I love that. It helps give you a small window into what kind of life the book has had.

Not all libraries are necessarily stuck in the past either. In libraries around the UK they offer an app that allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks. Borrow box is something I’m going to talk about more in the future so stay tune for that! Most libraries also offer a really good selection of DVDs and CDs to be hired often overnight.

But the main way I use the Libraries is still for books. (Gotta keep things classic here!) I still like to collect books but sometimes there’s books you aren’t really interested in owning, things to help with studies or hobbies. I went to the library not too long ago for books on dieting and sewing, things I want to learn more about but have no interest in making room on my bookshelf for. Along with this because they allow you access to their photocopier. I intend to photocopy some of the pages that I find especially interesting. This means I can still reference them pages and they take up less room.

4 books together. 5:2 good food kitchen. The complete book of sewing, vintage projects and the sewing bible.

I think it’s easy to forget about libraries and because of this they’re slowly drifting away. 2017 alone there was almost 130 libraries closed down, in 2017 130 towns, cities and villages lost access to much needed free computers, books and help. This doesn’t include libraries that are now ran as charities by dedicated volunteers.

But you can do something, something to make sure the library is there for you grandchildren. Yes, you! This could be something as simple as voting with your feet, make sure you’re using the resources the libraries have to offer.

Attend the events your library puts on too. Most libraries offer events such as parent and toddler groups and book clubs. If councils see that libraries are important and used a lot then they’ll help to support them.

Also when you’re writing to your local MP about the mess on your street or your annoying neighbours why not mention how much you love your library. Or just send them the link to this blog post! Remember that they work for you and as a result they always want to listen to what you have to say.

Make sure you have a library card, your library card is up to date with your current name and address and you’re using it to check out books. It may seem like such a small thing but councils love statistics, they need to have numbers to be able to justify spending the money on this. And we need to lead by example for our next generation.

Libraries are so important to so many people and they are vanishing at an alarming rate. One day we’ll talk to our kids about libraries the way we talk about 1p sweets and that’s not ok. We need to be there and support it.

Find your local library here.

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