So I just made a thing and… (DIY Backpack.)

So if you’ve been following my blog for 5 seconds you know I’m a huge fan of Witown in Scotland and a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to visit. While there I went to The Bookshop, a place I’ve been desperate to visit.

Long story short while there I picked up one of The Bookshop tote bags and though I loved it, I didn’t want to use it. I’m not an over the shoulder kind of person, much preferring backpacks. Then it hit me, like a magic epiphany… I should turn it into a backpack! And because I need blog content I thought I would drag you along with me. 

So I first started by getting everything I needed. I obviously had the tote and I took the zip off an old jacket I had, just using my seam ripper. I also got a secondhand backpack and took the handles off. 

After that I pinned the zip along the opening of the bag. To do this I opened the zip fully and used pins to attach it to the opening. With this done I next took it to my sewing machine, I don’t have the world’s best machine and it kept eating the fabric but with a lot of effort and bad works I finally got it attached. 

With that done I moved into the straps. Now this is where my best bit of advice comes into play here, before you sew in your straps pin them to the bag and test it on your shoulders. I put them at the middle top and when I tried it on the sides collapsed in because there was no structure so I had to move the straps to the edge of the bag. This makes it a little uncomfortable to wear but I love the bag too much to care. 

I really struggled to put the straps, my sewing machine really didn’t like it. For a start I snapped a needle and then I couldn’t get the needle to the bottom part of the bag. If you can hand sew I would totally recommend doing that but I can’t so I just struggled through. 

When that was finally done, I decided I wanted to have an inside pocket. I used the flap from the front of the backpack I pulled apart because I thought it would be a nice touch. Because there were two layers of fabric I sewed them along the raw edge and then sewn around the fabric against the bag. 

I love how the bag turned out, it’s the one I use every single day and it hasn’t fallen apart yet so that’s good! It’s a large bag too, plenty of space for books! I would totally recommend this project.

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