So for Christmas I got a lot of novelty books from my mum and I don’t mind at all, they’re normally very funny and it’s a good talking point. And this year mum really won first prize for the best novelty book that I genuinely read and enjoyed. Fairy Tales for Millennials by Bruno Vincent was an amazing book, very funny and fitting for everything I love. 

Welcome to the world of Fairy Tales, Millennial style… Inside you’ll find Sleeping Beauty waking up Woke, the Billy Goats Gruff getting trolled, and three little pigs explaining that – realistically – a house of straw is really the only way a first time buyer can get on the housing market. Goldilocks discovers a darling little Porridge pop-up, the Pied Piper shifts his content strategy to attract more followers, and Hansel a

The book consists of 12 tales, each one based on the original but with a twist. So I thought a good way to go through this book would be for me to pick 4 or 5 of my favourites and talk about them as well as some of my more specific points. 

Goldilocks and the 3 bears is one of the earlier stories in the book and probably the one I liked the least of my favorites. The story being that Goldilocks is a food instergramer and finds the bears house. Assuming it’s a fancy restaurant she looks around the house and tries the food. After the bears find her she promises to invite all her influencer friends to the ‘restaurant’ and it soon becomes very popular. This one was the first one that truly got me interested and invested into this book, it’s funny and has a certain charm to it that I really like. 

The Ugly Duckling is the shortest of the stories at only two pages long but it’s still a really interesting one. The story follows the exact same path as the original but the only change is the duckling was never told by it’s mother or siblings that it was ugly so it never knew it was ugly and lived a nice normal life. This is a really good way to update an only story and make it feel like something that would fit into the Millennials way of life. 

Now with this one I can’t really decide if I like it or not. I did like most of the story but the ending was a little crap. Throughout the book there are some running themes and one that is introduced in this story is that wolves have suffered a lot of discrimination and it’s something that’s still felt throughout the kingdom. In this story The Wolf, Mr. Wolf, is looking for a new home and had decided to go through Pigtons Estate Agent. The issue arises when the first two siblings look down on him and show him not very good places. This also had the biggest laugh for me, when they go to a house that has police tape outside that says ‘Crime Scene: Enter Ye Not.’ For some reason I found this unbelievably funny. Anyway, swiftly moving on! After dealing with the 2 very rude siblings he then moves on to speak to the 3rd sibling who’s a lot more understanding. The ending is a total curveball and I understand why it’s like that, Vincent is trying to stay true to the original fairytale but it was so far away from what I expected that I really didn’t enjoy it. Other than that it’s a really good story! Maybe just skip the last two paragraphs and imagine a better ending. 

Red Riding Hood was by far my fav for a couple of reasons. In this story Red Riding Hood works for Oger eats (*wink wink*) and has a job to deliver some cake and wine to an old lady Wolf. When she first arrives she’s a little unsure because of all the prejudice around wolves. They soon become good friends and as always the ending is a huge curveball. One of the main reasons I love this the most is because there’s so many modern day references as well as references to other characters from the other stories. 

As well as the stories being amazing there’s loads of small references that do make it feel very modern. Things such as Lord Murdlock that owns the newspaper, Dragondrop the website sponsoring a podcast, zero hour contracts at King Burgers and a reference to modern royalty suffering from stress and pressure. There’s so many other references I could mention but we would be here all day. 

There’s also lots of references to the original stories such as in sleeping beauty where Vincent talks about the 7 dwarfs whistling and mention of the plague.

The book is really well written and I suggest every Millennials everywhere read this book. It’s funny but not at all rude. 

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