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So I just read I am a Hitman by Anon and…

I really wasn’t sure I wanted to write this review but I finally decided that maybe this was for the best. It was a good book and so interesting, definitely worth checking out. But first, lets talk about what it’s about!

Hitmen commit heinous crimes virtually every day of the week and, in most instances, we don’t even realise. I’ve been a killer for hire for more than twenty years now, but life as a full time professional assassin has never been easy. There have been close calls, failed attempts and a lot of looking over my shoulder. And now, I’ve decided to come clean and seek atonement for my life as a murderer and one of the most covertly dangerous men alive. This is an account of a life lived between our world and a shadowy underworld of criminals… a life lived under the radar of the law… a life lived in death.

I will say one thing before I get into this, I don’t like to review the story itself when it comes to memoirs and true life stories because how could you review for a story that’s a life? So I’ll be reviewing the writing as well as telling you if I enjoyed the book itself. 

I first saw this book at work and I was instantly interested, I always am when I see something written by Anonymous. I think when there’s a reason someone can’t put their name on a book it’s always going to draw you in. On top of that the concept of Hitmen is something interesting, to know was brough a man to a place in his life where he kills people for money…. That’s something else. 

We find out a little bit about Anonymous, that he’s a black Scottish man and he had a very complicated childhood, something that you find out about more and more as the book goes on. This in itself is interestingly written, as you follow him on jobs you learn more about his past. To have these two things unraveled at the same time was really interesting and really well done. 

It was a framed story though like most the ending was still left with a lot of mystery, you understand he’s doing something in the forest he talks about loving and you know someone is following him. That’s it. So the whole time, every time he talks about the forest I instantly find myself guessing if this would be the other side of the frame. But he keeps you guessing till the end. 

I found this book super interesting, there’s so much going on and I think it’ll interest everyone. There’s the backstory as well as stories about hits the man has done. I love the Hitman games and so I struggled to remember this was in fact a true story, I had to keep reminding myself. I think it’s worth checking it out. 

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