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So I just read Outspoken: 50 speeches by incredible woman by Deborah Coughlin and …

So I bloody love inspirational speeches or quotes, the amount of times I’ve read something inspirational and got a little emotional. So when I was looking to spend a book gift voucher I got for Christmas and spotted this book I knew it was perfect. Outspoken: 50 speeches by incredible woman by Deborah Coughlin was an amazing book full of inspirational women from all sorts of different backgrounds and with all sorts of different views. 

A lot of history is made up of speeches. Speeches about big ideas, celebratory speeches, rousing speeches to inspire soldiers to fight to the death, comic speeches to help us see the funny side to life. From Jesus to Winston Churchill to Martin Luther King Jr. and even Donald Trump, we’ve been raised with the words of important men ringing in our ears …

But where are all the women?

Unless you’re the type of person who loves researching suffrage speeches, you are unlikely to know many soundbites from women throughout history. Outspoken: 50 Speeches by Incredible Women is going to change that. From Joan of Arc and Virginia Woolf, to Oprah Winfrey and Greta Thunberg, this is a celebration of outstanding and outspoken women everywhere. 

The book is set out in 10 chapters; say it, your body, love, boys will be … Allies, end white supremacy, war and tax, politics, Rebels, freedom and utopia with each chapter having 4 to 6 speeches in it. I would say my favourite chapter was freedoms but in each chapter there were at least two or three speeches I connected with. 

One thing I did discover was I struggled a lot reading some of the older speeches. I’m not sure if this was a subconscious thing or if I did really struggle but I preferred the more modern speeches. 

There’s some amazing speeches in this book, I wanted to go through some of my favorites and explain why I love them.

The first would be by Annie Sprinkle. ‘Public Cervix Announcement’ is a performing art piece where Sprinkle allows people to look into her Cervix. I’m a huge believer that a woman’s body is hers to do with as she pleases and should never be used as a weapon against her so to see Sprinkle take back control is amazing. Sprinkle has also written some of her own books. The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm and Post-Porn Modernist are 2 of many that I would love to read. 

Right after this one is another amazing book about body positivity. Kelli Jean Drinkwater’s speech ‘The Fear of Fat- The Real Elephant in the Room’ is a wonderful speech about body positivity and as a larger woman it really spoke to me on an emotional level. She speaks about how she learned to not only accept her body but thrive and be proud. It’s beautiful to read and I loved every second of it. 

But this book isn’t just about body positivity, it’s also about amazing women doing amazing things for the rest of the world. This is proven in Greta Thunberg’s speech ‘You Did Not Act In Time’. It’s a hugely popular speech that most of us have probably heard in the past but we should all read again. She’s a powerful person who at such a young age has already started changing the world. 

All in all I love this book, it’s so beautiful and inspiring and I think everyone should read this book, men and women. 

I’m going to put this down as A fiction or nonfiction book about a world leader on the popsugar reading challenge list as there’s a couple of world leaders in this book.

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