book review

So I just read The Corporate Menagerie by Tom Brown and…

This post is part of a blog tour, find the schedule below to check out the other people involved! I was given the book for free in exchange for the book but this is my honest review.

So Before agreeing to do this blog tour I of course made sure I had a basic understanding of what the book was about but I kind of went into it basically blind. When I get asked to do a book review from an author I always check out GoodRead first but Tom Brown and The Corporate Menagerie doesn’t have one, this is a little frustrating. But before I get into the review check out the synopsis from the book itself. 

This Book is about animals, a few different creatures, and the odd dinosaur. It is also about people and relationships. For a long time now, being an avid people watcher, I have always wanted to write a book that reflected my experience of the many different people and diverse personalities I have met, worked with and befriended in my life. This anthropomorphising of creatures seemed a humorous and engaging way to lead readers to re-consider the dynamics of their relationships and to recognize the characteristics of the other person (or people) in these relationships, whether your interactions exist from a business or personal connection. The Corporate Menagerie touches on a wide range of ‘people‛ issues from Leadership, Teamwork, Personal Development, Goalsetting, Emotional Intelligence, and some of the more sensitive topics such as Diversity, Bullying, Reward and Recognition and Absence Management. The messages are sometimes obvious, occasionally subliminal.

So I knew I wanted to get more into poetry in 2021 so when this popped up it was perfect. The Corporate Menagerie is funny and interesting, I found myself sniggering every so often as I thought of people I knew who fit into the poems. I especially liked the poem called Donny Dove: Unwisely Underrated. I related to this a little too much! 

Brown has a really good understanding of human behaviour, that much is obvious, and I think animals are a really good way of showing these personalities. It’s abstract while being relatable. 

The illustrations done by Jill Newton (if anyone knows her instagram account please can you let me know, if she has one.) are beautiful. I always love a messy style of illustration and it fits really well with the poems, I really like it. 

All in all I like this book and I do think it’s worth maybe checking it out if you’re looking for an interesting poetry book then this is the one for you. It’s being released tomorrow and you can find more at or Facebook page here!