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So I just read Three things you need to know about rockets by Jessica A Fox and…

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Confessions Of A Bookseller By Shaun Bythell, a diary where Bythell talks about his life in and around Wigtown and the bookshop he owns there, and how I got the chance to visit the bookshop of my dreams. While there I picked up a couple of books and in that pile was Three Things You Need To Know About Rockets. The book is a memoir by Jessica A Fox based around her time in Wigtown working at the bookshop Bythell owns and the relationships she built there. 

In this inspiring, delightful memoir, a young woman decides to escape the daily grind and turn her “what if” fantasy into a reality, only to find work—and a man—she loves in one fell swoop, all in a secondhand bookstore in a quaint Scottish town.

So I was a little worried about reading this book to start with, I do love memoirs but I had never read a love story like this and thought I would lose interest very quickly but I was gripped all the way through. It’s the first book I’ve read in a long time that I didn’t want to put down. It was very romantic but she never tried to cover up the bits that weren’t all dreams and rainbows. 

It’s beautifully written, referencing other bits of classic literature to back up her point as well as showing you small snippets into Fox’s past to help you understand what she’s been through and show she’s got where she is now. She also does a wonderful job at writing characters and setting scenes, helping you feel like you’re really there experiencing it all with her. 

One thing I did dislike was the beginning build up to her leaving LA. Obviously I understand why this is part of the book, we need to know what has head her to this point in her life, but I found them boring and rushed through them to get to the parts I was interested in. This may be because I have such a connection to Wigtown and so I wanted to read about her time there rather than her time in LA. 

Fox was a very likable person throughout the book even if I didn’t agree with some of her choices, I never felt like I was getting frustrated. She always had her reasons and I could see myself reacting the way she did in situations. 

But I think this is one of the hardest reviews I’ve done. Yes the book is amazing but Bythell and Fox dated and in both Confession Of A Bookseller and Three Things You Need To Know About Rockets their relationship is mentioned in very different ways. I have a great love for Wigtown, The Bookshop and Bythell so to see someone else write about all them things in a very different way was sometimes a little hard to see. 

It wasn’t still I finished the book that I had to once again remind me this was a Memoir and the characters I had read about in her book was the characters I had fallen in love with in Diary and Confession Of A Bookseller. 

I think my biggest mistake though was reading this book after I had read Bythell’s books. I really recommend this book as a stand alone piece of literature but if you also plan on reading Bookseller then read Fox’s books first, think of it as a prequel to Bythell’s books. The reason I recommend this is there’s a lot of things that overlap and I already knew how Fox’s book ended because of what was mentioned in Bythell’s books. 

Three Things You Need To Know About Rockets is a beautiful book, very inspirational and  could even be the little push you need to follow your dreams. 

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