The Hamilton Book Tag!

So I love musical theatre, right now Beetlejuice is one of my favorites right now, but my all time favourite right now is Hamilton. A friend introduced me to it a couple of years ago and I’ve been obsessed since, the story and the music speaking to me on so many levels. So when I saw this tag I knew I wanted to do it! So let’s go! 

The room where it happened.

A book world you would put yourself in

So I’m not sure if this counts but I’ll go with the Welcome to Night Vale world. This started out as an awesome podcast and the creators, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, wrote many books that go along with the series. Some of the books are script books from the podcast and others are stand alone novels. Even if you’ve never heard the podcast the books are still just really interesting. I highly recommend you check it out. 

The Schyler sisters.

An underrated female character. 

Kit Snicket from Series of Unfortunate Events. She is only in 2 of the books but I think she’s such a good character that deserves more love.

My Shot.

A character that goes after what they want and won’t let anyone stop them. 

I think the obvious one would be Coriolanus Snow from the Ballet of Songbirds and snakes. I did a review on this book here. Honestly I don’t like this character but he does fit well into this category. 

You’ll be back. 

Sassiest villain. 

Lord Loss from The Demonata Series By Darran Shan. He’s so sassy and I love him, he’s practically a hormonal teenager. 


(This is my fav song!)

A book series you marathoner.

So this is another Darren Shan Series. Cirque du Freak Series was the series that got me into reading and I read all 12 books in about no time at all. Good times!


A book with multiple POVs

I’ve honestly never read a book with more than one POV. But totally suggest some in the comments or on Instagram. 

Who lives, who dies, who tells our story.

A book/series that will be remembered through history. 

Let’s go with the obvious. Harry Potter. So I was a little unsure if I should mention this one with all that’s going on but I think it’s important to remember we can enjoy a book while also not calling out the author on unforgivable behaviour. 


A relationship you were rooting for from the beginning. 

Lend and Evie from the Paranormalcy series. This was such a guilty pleasure series for me and the characters seemed to just fit so well, it was adorable. 

Ten Duel commandments.

Fav fight scene.  

Oooh. That’s a really hard one. I really can’t think of one.

Say no to this. 

A guilty pleasure read. 

The Merlin novelisations based on the TV show. Oh my god I love this show and I love the books so much, I love any novelisation really, but they’re a huge guilty pleasure! I would never ever tell anyone (other then you guys) that I read them. (God I think I have an issue.)

What comes next.

A series you wished had more books.

Series of unfortunate events. I would give anything for this series to just go on forever. 

Right hand man.


I really couldn’t think of an answer for this one.

What’d I miss?

A book/series you were late to.

Every single book I’ve ever read? I never really keep up with book trends who when I do read a book it’s way later. I guess The Great Gatsby is the latest book I’ve read that’s a classic. 

Stay Alive.

A character you wish was still alive.

Larten Crepsley. His death destroyed me. As I said, Cirque du Freak Series were the first books I ever read and so when he died it hit me because I had never been through that before.


The most heartbreaking end to a book.

Before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. The first part of the book and the relationship is just so sad, the things she goes through to see her man one last time!! 

The Reynolds Pamphlet.

A book with a twist you didn’t see coming. 

So I was scrolling through my good read books to try and find a book that fit into this category, not sure what I wanted to mention… Then I saw the Wasp Factory. Oh my god the end of that book! It was so amazing and I really recommend this book but be warned, it’s heavy! 

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