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The importance of bedtime stories

The importance of bedtime stories. Some of my fondest memories are of a book my parents used to read to me every Christmas, Favorite Christmas Stories. It was a book that belonged to my brother and is a book I now treasure massively. The whole routine of reading to a child before bed is something I think is so important but sadly it’s something I’ve seen slowly die out. 

Now with new technology this is a trend that’s slowly vanishing and it’s extremely sad to see. Parents feel this is now a burden and so often ask Google Assistant to read to their child or set up an ipad for them. In this blog post I want to explore why it’s so important to take the time to read with your child as well as books I would recommend. 

“Because you enter her world through the safe avenue of a third party — a character — you’ll have more insight than you ever would by asking ‘So, how’s life?’ ” says Michelle Anthony, Ph.D., a child psychologist in Denver, and I think this is such a good point to start on. How many times have you asked your child how school was and gotten nothing in reply? Books allow us another way to communicate with our children as well as giving us something in common. I love Harry Potter and this is a love I hope to share with my own child, sitting with them and reading books that shaped me to then be able to have conversations about them books.

It also helps the child become interested in reading, leading by example. If you introduce a child to the printed word from a young age they’ll then remember this as they grow up and hopefully become interested in going out and discovering even more books they will love. 

With apps and Google Assistant slowly taking over from what is a very special moment for parent and child, I think it’s time to think about if this is what we really want for our children. Not too long ago we were concerned about the TV being a babysitter and this is just one step closer to that reality. 

Though I didn’t just want this to be negative, I thought I would suggest some really good books. I’m a huge collector and lover of children’s books, I love the illustrations and story telling of them and think the right book for you and your child is important. 

This is Not a Bedtime Story by Will Mabbit & Fred Blunt (Illustrator)

Bored of hearing her Dad read the same old story about fluffy Pink Kitten’s perfect birthday picnic, Sophie decides it’s time for her to introduce her own imagination to this tired tale. Turning the traditional bedtime story on its head, this vibrant, funny picture book is an immersive reading experience that both parents and children will love.

Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson & Nick East (Illustrator)

A particularly special book in the Goodnight series, this story has been inspired by astronaut Tim Peake and his sons. Follow two space-mad little boys as their bedtime routine unfolds into an astronomical adventure.  A stunning, calming picture book that will leave little ones to dream about their own space escapades.

We’re All Wonders by RJ Palacio

Bedtime is the perfect opportunity to get your little ones reflecting on the world around them. This thought-provoking picture book has been created by the author of the modern classic Wonder to bring August Pullman’s message of kindness and acceptance to a younger audience. Starring Auggie and his faithful dog Daisy, this book uses powerful imagery and carefully chosen text to demonstrate how each person is special in their own way. 

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

This easy-to-read (and easily read) book uses Theodor Geisel’s brilliant art to show off an underwater world with more personality than any real-life lake. The colorful and creative fish rhyme in Seuss’ typically inventive style.

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Talesby Jon Scieszka, Lane Smith (Illustrator)

A revisionist storyteller provides his mad, hilarious versions of children’s favorite tales in this collection that includes “Little Red Running Shorts”, “The Princess and the Bowling Ball”, “Cinderumpelstilskin”, and others.

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