So I suffer from Anxiety (great way to start an upbeat family friendly blog post!) and this manifests itself in many way, watching films and tv dramas spike my anxiety as well things related to books such as rereading books, DNFing and unhauling books. So when I filled up my bookcase the other day that was a huge thing because I knew it was finally time for a a Book Unhaul. So yesterday when my mam got home from work I dragged her up to my room, needing some moral support for this, and I just started pulling books off my shelf. I picked books I didn’t want, would never read, books that just didn’t belong on my shelf. Most of them were novelty books that I had been gifted but I still struggled to let them go. But the good thing about this is I now have a full shelf to fill up! This is The mighty Book Unhaul (That wasn’t that mighty)

So I thought I would go through, show you what I got rid of and talk about my experience.

I got rid of 46 books in total off my shelf, freeing up one shelf. I’m going to split them up into categories and talk about any books that have a story. (Please note this is not the full 46, my mam had bagged some of them up before I could note them and I couldn’t be bothered to take them out the bag.)

Let’s start with novels.

The first 2 were books I actually stole from school.

An Inspector Calls (unread) By J. B. Priestley

Of Mice and Men (read) By John Steinbeck

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (read) by Ransom Riggs

I really didn’t enjoy this book. Probably my most disliked book.

King Arthur (Unread) By M. K. Hume

The Famous Five Book of Adventures (Unread) By Enud Blyton

This one came free in a newspaper so it wasn’t even a full book.

The Hobbit (DNF) By J. R. R. Talkien

The house of Silk (Unread) By Anothony Horowitz

Oliver Twist (Unread) By Charles Dickens

Now for the comics/graphic novels.

London deep (Read) By Robin Price and Paul Mcgrory

So I begged for this books because one of the authors were there signing the book and I was young and had never had a signed book before. It was also interesting, half novel and half comic. I did read it but have zero memory of this. Sooo, yeah. It’s gone.

Attack on Titan V1 (Read) By Hajime Isayama.

Guardians of the Galaxy (DNF) By Unknown….

Only got this because it had Iron Man on the front.

Here’s some fact books.

The Anxiety Toolkit (DNF) By Dr Alice Boyes

This book obviously didn’t help me.

Arthur the King of the Britons (Unread) By Daniel Mersey

Ordering Disorder (DNF) By Khoi Vinh

And finally books that don’t really fit anywhere.

The amazing book is not on fire (DNF) By Dan & Phil

How to be a Vampire (Read) By Amy Grey

Strangest book I’ve ever been gifted. It was back when I first read The Darren Shan Saga and my mam got this for me. My mam’s book choices are sometimes hit and often miss. Love you, mam!

The Truth About Parents (Read) By Various Writes

Catching Fire the Official Illustrated Movie Companion (read) By Unknown…

Kill, Marry, Fuc (Unread) By Unknown…

My sister-in-law gave me this. So strange.

I took all these books to the charity shop so they can be resold for a good cause and honestly it’s refreshing. Like cleaning out your spam filter. I honestly think it’s helped me a lot.

Check out my last blog post here where I talked about if fanfiction can be called literature.


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