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The tea about DailyLit

So I’m constantly looking for ways to absorb more books and literature into my brain, that could maybe be audio books or something like that, and as a book blogger I’m always looking for something interesting to write about. Then I stumbled across the perfect combination of the two! DailyLit is an amazing website that allows you to pick a book and they’ll send you chapters of that book to your email. This allows you to read a classic or a longer book without feeling like you’re totally committing to that, a book like War and Peace. 

On top of this they also publish serials and short stories designed to be read this way. This is The tea about DailyLit.

I think this is an amazing service for so many different reasons. The biggest one for me as it allows me to read a longer book without feeling guilty about not doing something towards the blog. For example, when I read a book I need it to be a book I can write a blog post about but a book like War and Peace would take me weeks if not months to read, that’s a long time to read a book that probably won’t end up being a blog. This way I can read a book for the blog then get these emails when I wake up in the morning. I now read a chapter of Alice in Wonderland as part of my morning routine. 

Another good thing about this system is that people who aren’t hugely into reading can have small chunks, reading a whole book without getting bored halfway through reading and DNFing a book. Or maybe it’s a case of having the time to read a book, as I said before, this makes it easier to fit into everyday life.  

That being said I do think there’s some downfalls to this website. As you know (because I talk about it constantly and it’s the whole point of my blog) I’m a huge believer that you need to support print and classic literature. DailyLit is a (mostly)  free service and unless you intend to buy the book after you’ve finished it I feel like it will be another thing to add to the pile of things forcing print into extinction. I understand books such as Alice in Wonderland are public domain but I feel like you should support the print still. I feel like you should just be a responsible reader. 

I do think this is an amazing idea, I can see it helping loads of different people in different ways, but I think there’s of course pitfalls in this. I continue to use this website and am a huge lover, you should most definitely check it out and make your own choice. 

You can find DailyLit here.

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