Blogmas 2020 Other

Websites I use to blog.

Day 12. You know the drill, blog post every day. Search blogmas 2020 on my blog for more of them.

Today I want to do something a little different. I want to talk about some of the things I use when writing my blogs as well as websites. I don’t know if this’ll be interesting to anyone apart from bloggers but here we are! 


This is what I use for my website itself. It’s hosted and my domain is from GoDaddy and they’re an amazing company, I 100% recommend them. That being said I’m a college trained web designer and developer so that’s why I use WordPress, because what’s what I was taught to use, but companies like WIX are also really good if you’re just starting out. 

Good Docs

This is my best bit of advice when it comes to writing. I have written a lot of blog posts in my time and my computer just doesn’t have the storage for that many documents so everything I write is written and stored on Google docs. That way I know where to find it and if worse comes to worse and something goes wrong on the blog I know where they are. If you’re wanting to get into blogging I think this is an awesome place to start!


So this is what I use for editing my photos and again I use this because it’s what I was trained to use and also what I have access to. If you don’t have Illustrator skills then Canvis is an awesome thing to use, it’s super easy and it’s something I suggest my clients use if they ever need to do image editing for their websites. 


No one ever told me about this website so it’s something I had to find out about myself. So here I am suggesting it to you!!! NetGallery is a super good resource for book bloggers or bookTubers, it allows you to get ebooks from publishers to review. The way it works is you can go on the website and look at books coming out in the near future and either download them right away or put them on your wishlist where a publisher will sometimes offer you the book. I 100% think you should check them out though you do need to review the book in some way in return for the free book. 

Mail Chimp

Mail chimp is an amazing website that I use for my newsletter. They offer both a free and paid option and even the free option is good enough, it also holds onto your mailing list. 

Book Release Dates

This is the website I use for my monthly releases posts. The website is slow and a little broken but it’s a good way of getting news on the newest releases, everything being broken up into months as well as categories such as young adult releases and romance releases. You 100% should check it out even if you’re just a casual reader. 


So I like to talk about book news and this is a good place to get it from. It was co created by one of the co creators of and it’s such a good place to get amazing book news from. Definitely check it out. 

News Websites

So this is another place I get most of my news from. Most news websites have a culture second and under that they have a book section, this is an excellent place to find bookish news for you to talk about. 

Instagram and Twitter

I think this is a pretty obvious one but I think it’s a good one to remember. I use Instagram especially to advertise my blog so it’s important you don’t ignore this. 

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Find your local independent bookshop here and check out here, a website that directly helps independent bookshops, or Hive to find ones that deliver, shops need your support now more than ever.