So we’ve reached the end of another year and wow it’s been a crazy year. So I thought I would sit down today and talk about my Year review 2019. The books I’ve read, what I thought of them, what I’ve done and how my blog has been doing as well as maybe some more personal things. We’ll see how it goes! So this may be a longer blog post or a little short, I’m not so sure. Let’s just go with the flow! 

My Goodread adventure! 

First I thought we could go through my Goodread Year in Books. This is something I’ve never looked at or even noticed was a thing so I was kind of excited when I saw it there. So lets start.

This is kind of funny really. I collect illustrated books and normally I don’t mark them as read on my Goodread but I had read it and so thought why not! It’s a really good book and I would totally recommend it, kids and adults will find this funny. 

What happened? is another interesting one to pop up. I don’t normally read long books but I was really interested in the election so I wanted to see it from her point of view. It was a super interesting book and I would really recommend it if you have an interest in US politics. The only thing I would warn is it’s a little frustrating at times.

This one isn’t shocking at all, can’t imagine there’s many other people in the world on a mission to read all of the Merlin novelisations and so I can understand why it’s so low. To Kill a Mockingbird was always going to be very high up, it’s a book many of us were made to read at school as well as being a classic. I can imagine I’ll be talking about this book again a little later on when I talk about my fav books of 2019. 

I can totally understand this one. Becoming by Michelle Obama was another book I really loved and I can understand why other people loved it too. It was interesting and heartfelt. A love letter to her family, friends and country. It also had my most memorable reading moment of 2019 but we’ll talk about that later too! 

And finally, the big one! I always set my reading goal kind of low, normally around 10, but this year I thought I would push myself and go with 20. I reached 26 and I’m really proud of that. I didn’t feel rushed or under pressure, just went with the flow. 

The best.

So I wanted to talk about my two favorite books of this year. 

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

So I wanted to read something more classical and so I picked this one. I surprisingly enjoyed it, normally more interested in fantasy. I thought it was really well written and interesting the whole way through, a book that I’ve fallen in love with. I may read Go Set a Watchman but I’ve heard not good things about it so I don’t want to ruin my love for Mockingbird. 

Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell

So anyone who’s been around here for about 5 seconds will know I am a huge fan of Bythell. This year he brought out his second book and once again I adored it, allowing you a glimpse into the world of the biggest bookstore. The book is so funny and I would really recommend it. Find my blog post about this book here.

The worse.

Honestly I haven’t read any bad books this year. I know, shocking! I’ve been very lucky. I guess the closest I got to this was Paranormalcy by Kiersten White. This was one of them ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ books. I really recommend checking them out if you’re looking for that kind of thing. See my blog post about that book here

Bookish things. 

So this year I really haven’t done as many bookish things as I want but I did get the chance to Wigtown, a place I wanted to go for such a long time. It was an amazing choice and has made me consider a lot of things in my life and my future. 

Another thing that happened was I started this blog! It has been so much fun and such a huge learning curve. I’ve loved writing every week and keeping up with social media. It’s been an amazing year for this.

Reading memory. 

So I thought this would be a cute idea. I wanted to talk about a reading memory that has stuck with me, something that I often think about. 

This year’s reading memory is from when I was reading Becoming By Michelle Obama. I remember this was the first book that I listened to as an audio book though I did still read the book. For example when I was doing the dishes I listened to the audio book. And that’s when this memory popped up. I was doing the dished and Mrs. Obama explained how she visited a veteran hospital and after a commotion she found out a veteran who was extremely weak was trying to stand so he could salute the first lady. I’m not at all doing this chapter justice and I would highly recommend getting this book but I cried a lot. I don’t think it would have been as emotional if not for the fact she was reading this story to you. 

Blog things.

So this whole blog thing was totally new to me and so I never expected to have a million views in the first year but it’s done so much better than I thought. My overall session for the year is 1,388 and that’s so much more than I expected, I’m so proud of that. 

So that’s it, that’s my year. It’s been pretty amazing and I’ve been overwhelmed with the support I’ve got. I’m going to do another post about what I have planned for the next year so watch out for that. 

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